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Analyzing the market and counting all of coworking offices, one can easily get the impression that Poland is rapidly evolving. Correct, but not every so-called coworking office is really a coworking office. 400-500 offices? In our opinion, this picture has little to do with the facts. CoworkingPoland focuses exclusively on coworking offices for which the coworking is the key and the number is around 240 sites across Poland.

A quote from Wikipedia:

“Co-working is also the social gathering of a group of people who are still working Independently, but who share values and who are interested in the synergy that can happen…”

We are not talking here about a group of people working on laptops by their own, but about synergy – something greater than the sum of its parts. We are talking about a community of people who share the same values, who are open to new knowledge or ideas and who can make usage of the fact of working with others.

“Community + Working = Coworking” – the key is the community, not the desk.

Through the CoworkingPoland platform, we have presented the advantages of coworking – people satisfaction by this form of work, a way for startup to be raised or finally how coworking in Poland looks like. Coworking is more than just a desk for rent. It is a community and cooperation. According to

“The coworking movement espouses five core values: community, openness, collaboration, sustainability, and accessibility.”

and the wiki page for

“The idea is simple: independent professionals and those with workplace flexibility work better together than they do alone. Coworking spaces are about community-building and sustainability. Participants agree to uphold the values set forth by the movement’s founders, as well as interact and share with one another. We are about creating better places to work and as a result, a better way to work. “

Keeping in mind the above-mentioned definition, we estimate that there are around 240 coworking offices in Poland (active, currently open for clients, only coworking, not desk rental). In our database we have over 230 cowork sites and the number continues to grow.

On our platform, we make sure that our users have access to current data (without closed coworking offices or companies conducting virtual office and a standard desk rent). In addition, periodically we visit randomly selected sites, sharing our experience through the articles with the readers.

Coworking in Poland –

Almost all the coworking spaces in Poland are collected in a single place – on the platform. We share the map of coworking offices in Poland with the address information, contact  info, description of the office, the provided level of quality, prices and a system of recommendations by other clients. As the coworking and startup locations are similar, our map of polish coworking can be also interpreted as the map of startups in Poland!

We collect all kinds of coworking spaces as long as they are really coworking ones. In our database, there are both commercial offices, private entities with one office, chain stores with multiple offices, and even bank (Idea Bank), providing their space in many locations in Poland. Besides that, CoworkingPoland platform serves content tied with the coworking – articles, reports, startup guides and many others. The portal was created to support the coworking community and enable easy searching and selecting the appropriate offices, taking into account clients’ specific needs: coworking desk for young parents or free-of-costs coworking.

It is worth noticing that the polish coworking movement fits perfectly into a global movement. Number of coworking offices is growing, and predictions are even more optimistic. In addition, there are new services in existing coworking offices: IT support, financial and tax support, law support and others

Poland by numbers

  • 41 coworking offices support young moms and dads
  • 32 coworking offices supports clients with tax/accounting services
  • 15 coworking offices share the legal services
  • 7 coworking offices let you cowork for free
  • 4 coworking offices allows you to order meals
  • 3 coworking sites supports the coworkers with IT services
  • All offer WIFI network, printing and scanning equipment, coffee, access to the conference room and kitchen

How many coworking offices are here in Poland?

How many coworking offices are here in Poland?






  • 24 cities in Poland have less than 2 coworking offices
  • 7 cities in Poland have between 3 and 8 coworking offices
  • The biggest coworking city hubs are located in Wrocław (11 offices), Kraków (12), Poznań (20) and the capital – Warsaw (74 and increasing)

How many coworking offices are here in Poland?

How many coworking offices are here in Poland?






  • 142 coworking offices deliver services in English
  • 10 coworking offices deliver services in Russian
  • 6 coworking offices deliver services in German
  • 4 coworking offices deliver services in Spanish and Ukrainian
  • 1 coworking office delivers services in Italian
  • All speak polish!

Coworking Credo

As the coworking hub in Poland, we would like to propose a code of ethics for coworking movement in Poland – credo, which is based on a similar initiative:

“Society is changing. Ways of working follow the new trends – mobility, lack of boundaries, full control over the time and the way of its implementation.

Coworking is the answer; It is a new definition of performance work. Uninhibited, inspired by people not accepting any barriers in doing what they want. We are building a future that is based on open communication and cooperation instead of competition

By working together, sharing the best we have, we believe in:

  • cooperation instead of competition
  • action rather than passive observation
  • doing rather than just talking
  • soft relationships rather than formal ones

Let’s transform the future for a culture supporting entrepreneurship. The future belongs to coworking, because we are the future!”

This kind of information and much more can be found just on You are more than welcome to take a look and cooperate with us!

Tomasz Kardys, CoworkingPoland


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