Google Campus in Poland (Warsaw)

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Anyone with an idea is welcome at our Campuses. You’ll find people coding, meeting with potential investors, and enjoying local coffee in each Campus Cafe. Entrepreneurs are building their companies in our classrooms and coworking areas. And anyone in the community can host an event (for free!) in our large event spaces.

Google for Entrepreneurs operates Campuses around the world, with our seventh location, Berlin, opening soon. Each Campus joins the Google for Entrepreneurs global network of tech hubs, leading startup communities, and resources for entrepreneurs. We provide financial support and the best of Google’s resources to startup communities across 125 countries.

Google Campus in Poland – Warsaw awaits!

With free Wi-Fi, an infectious energy, and lots of fellow founders, the Campus Cafe is a great place to get things done, take a break, or collaborate with like-minded people. The Google Warsaw Campus Cafe sells fresh coffee and healthy food options to fuel great work. Simply sign up to become a member (it’s free!) and come on in.

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CRAZY new Google campus? Why not?

Google first announced plans for its futuristic new campus nearly two years ago, and things have come a long way since then.

The campus, named Google Charleston East, will be located near its current location in Mountain View, California. It marks the first time Google has built offices from scratch, instead of taking over previously existing buildings.

Google recently submitted updated plans for its campus to the City of Mountain View, the first time its revealed what the new building will look like in nearly a year.

The proposed building, known as Charleston East, would be two stories tall and about 595,000 square feet. Here’s how Google imagines it looking:

Read more on the new Google Campus here.


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