Google Campus in Poland (Warsaw)

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Anyone with an idea is welcome at our Campuses. You’ll find people coding, meeting with potential investors, and enjoying local coffee in each Campus Cafe. Entrepreneurs are building their companies in our classrooms and coworking areas. And anyone in the community can host an event (for free!) in our large event spaces.

50 satellites to photograph the entire world every day

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And this is what we call startup 😉  Axelspace is trying to create just that. The Japanese company has big dreams, and I talked to founder and CEO Yuya Nakamura about his vision for building a space data API anyone can use.

Main 6 coworking trends by Boxer Workstyle

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The exponential growth of coworking spaces over the past decade means change is common. Coworking in Houston is especially on the rise. Boxer Workstyle zeroed in on main 6 coworking trends you can expect to see through the rest of 2016. EXPANSION BY OWNERS Deskmag’s 2015-16 Global Coworking Survey shows that 61% of all coworking […]

Who Gets Venture Capital Funding?

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Investors flooded startups with a record $63.3 billion in 2015. But a volatile stock market and fears of a tech bubble have led VC firms to make more cautious bets this year. The funding total for 2016 is on pace to drop about 25 percent, which means competition for those dollars is even fiercer than […]

Global banks, Intel join Israel’s FinTech scene

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HSBC, RBS, Italy’s Intesa Sanpaolo and Banco Santander are partners in a new fintech hub in Tel Aviv.